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At the moment we are looking for:

Position: Resident Artists, Guest Artist // United Kingdom

If you are looking to join one of our studios on a permanent basis, feel free to use the contact form below or send us a direct message at: office@rocknroll-tatoos.com including links to your social media profiles.

Position: Studio Managers // Scotland

We are looking for a studio managers for our existing branches in Scotland. The candidates do not need a studio experience, but will to hard work, be well organized, tattoo passionated, preferably experienced in management work in the music industry, retail or fashion.

Position: Piercers // United Kingdom

We are looking for a experienced piercers to join our new and existing branch in all location. Minimum 3 years studio experience is required, will to hard work, be well organized, tattoo/piercing passionated.

Position: PR team member // London

We are looking for Tattoo and Piercing enthusiasts living in London interested in helping to promote our work in exchange for vouchers to use in our studios.