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Want to join our exclusive club?

Our studios have been creating some of the highest quality Tattooing on the skin of our Clients for the past 10 years. As we have expanded we want to create a system to reward and benefit our Customers to continue this growth and start a system of benefit to you for the loyalty we have been shown!

This is where our New Rock’n’Roll Tattoo Club will start a new age of our business and allow us to reward you, our loyal customers, in a more specific manner!

Specific benefits include:
All promotions exclusively for Club members
Rewards to members for recommending new clients
Monthly Free Piercing
Monthly Raffle to win Full day sessions
Priority bookings on Guest Spots
Free Aftercare Products
20% off Merchandise
+ more

A monthly cost of just £9.99 will create an exclusive account with us and gain you access to all these benefits which are not available to other customers.

With the Rock’n’Roll Club our aim is to bring our most loyal customers a number of highly rewarding perks, saving you money in the long run and improving your customer experience.
For just £9.99 we are offering exclusivity to our legendary promotions, priority guest spots bookings, monthly competitions, discounts and events.
Reasons to join the Club:
After 10 years of running our company we have listened regularly to the opinions and needs of our customers. We are very grateful for how busy and booked up as a team we are. During these years of business we have heard a lot of the same questions and statements from different customers:
‘I was one day too late to get booked with my favorite Guest artist and now I have to wait another year’
‘All my mates have booked themselves into your studio since seeing my new Tattoo’
‘I’m so gutted that I missed out on the last promotion’
Our membership club is the answer to many of the needs of our regular customers. This following information will give you a run down of the benefits you can receive by becoming a member of this club:

===== Promotions only for club members =====
Often to welcome new artists or focus on certain styles of Tattooing we are booking sessions for lower prices. We want to leave that financial reward only for our regular customers. From this moment all promotions are open for the club members only. This reward will let you save up to £100 on each promotional full day session you are booking in our studios.
===== Get rewarded for recommending our studio =====
If your family members or friends are impressed by our artwork on your skin – feel free to recommend us to them. If they will mention you as a club member and the person who recommended them to Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing they will receive 10% off their booking and you will receive a £20 voucher for your next tattoo.
===== Free piercings =====
Tattooing is the main activity in our studios, however, how many times have you thought about getting a piercing as well? Club members no longer need to ask for piercing prices as once a month you will receive a free piercing!
===== Monthly competition to win full day for free =====
In our online survey a high number of our customers said that they have never won any of our competitions which are run regularly in the studios. Who doesn’t like free gifts after all? We will make sure you will get a much higher chance. Once a month we are going to give away a session with selected artists for free! One of the club members each month will be chosen in a raffle to win this. Fingers crossed its your turn soon! If you are the winner you can also gift this session to a friend or family member!
===== Priority for bookings with Guest Artists =====
Guest spots are a very important part of our studios. Some of these Guests are fully booked up in a matter of days and sometimes even hours. If you have ever missed a chance to get booked with for example Grindesign, Denis Sivak, Martynas Snioka etc this reward will help you out. Every guest spot announced in our studios will now have two booking schedules – The first 5 days after announcement of a Guest spot we will only start booking members of the club, after this time bookings will then be opened to the public. This will allow you a much higher opportunity of selecting a space for yourself with your favorite Guest Artist.
===== Free aftercare products =====
The service which we provide does not end after you have left our studio. We want to be sure that our regular customers are enjoying the quality of our work for the rest of their lives. Whenever you are getting tattooed after the procedure if you will show your membership card you will receive free aftercare products. You will never have to worry if you have enough left from your last visit to us!
===== 20% off on merchandise =====
Our artists artwork is not always only placed on skin, often our artists are designing t-shirts, prints, hoodies and a lot of other merchandise. All club members are automatically receiving 20% off online for all merch shopping at our online store (www.shop.rocknroll-tattoos.com) and in our studios.

The registration process:
1. First step of registration is filling out the form including all your details.
2. After we have received the form you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours to set up a direct debit.
3. The first payment from your direct debit will come out 7 days after setting this up.
4. Up to 24 hours after setting up this direct debit you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your member ship number and promotional code. You can start using your member ship straight away.
5. Within the following few days you will receive your golden membership card through the post.

Costs and payments
1. The cost of this club membership is £9.99 per month. This will be paid on a rolling month basis with the first payment to be taken 7 days after registration. You are able to start using your membership as soon as you will receive the confirmation e-mail (max 48 hours after setting up direct debit).
Secure payment
2. For the most secure payments for our customers we are using only GoCardless – the provider with the best reputation on the market at the moment. GoCardless is providing services for brands like: Trip Advisor, Thomas Cook or Virgin. You can be sure that your bank details and payments will be secure.
3. Details shared with Rock n Roll tattoo and Piercing LTD will not be passed onto or shared with any third parties.
4. Membership is for persons over 18 only (this card will not be accepted as valid form of ID).
5. The management reserves the right to refuse any Membership Application, and is under no obligation to give reasons to the refusal.
6. Payment of £9,99 is taken through Direct Debit, 7 days after the registration. The payment will then be taken monthly, on the same day of the month it has been taken the first time.
7. The benefits of our Club can be redeemed at any of our branches based within the UK.
8. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone customers Membership and is under no obligation to give reasons for doing so.
9. Promotions/discounts only apply for the active members of our Membership, if the Membership is canceled before the session takes place, customer will be charged the full, non-discounted price for their tattoo.
10. Bank details are not shared with any of Rock n Roll Tattoo members. They are kept and secured by GoCardless.
11. Membership Card and valid Photo ID must be presented at the studio in order to verify the identity to gain access to benefits of the Club. Accepted forms of ID are as follow: passport, national Id card, driving license. To be able to access the benefits online, member must email us from the email addressed registered to their membership.
12. Promotions are announced through the mailing list. They can also be viewed on the dashboard on our website, accessed by unique login details provided during the registration.
13. Member will receive £20 voucher for recommending the studio to a new customer. New customer receives 10% off their first session booked
Free piercing is to be redeemed once a month (between the first and last day of the month).  The piercing can be redeemed by the Membership only and can not be passed onto someone else.
14. Every month, each member automatically enters a raffle for a chance to win a free full day session with the artist selected by the studio. Those sessions can be passed onto a friend or family member.
15. Members get the priority to book with guest artists – the bookings are open to the pubic after 5 days.
16. The customer has the right to cancel their Membership at any time, to do so, please email us on: club@rocknroll-tattoos.com.
17. Discounted, designs to grab available for members only.
18. Free aftercare for every tattoo, one per session.
19. 20% off all merchandise can be redeemed online with the discount code written on the card and in store, by showing ID and membership card.
20. In case of a missed payment, our team will be in touch with the Club.
21. Member within 3 working days. If we fail to get in touch, and we don’t receive the payment in that time, the membership will be automatically canceled and all the perks of the Memberships will also be removed.
22. Its members responsibility to notify us of a loss or theft of the card
We are unable to issue any refunds for any canceled memberships
23. In case of any changes of the above Terms and Conditions, all Members will be notified immediately.
24. By submitting the application, you agree with these terms and conditions

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