Rock’n’Roll Club

Our studios have been creating some of the highest quality Tattooing on the skin of our Clients for the past 10 years. As we have expanded we want to create a system to reward and benefit our Customers to continue this growth and start a system of benefit to you for the loyalty we have been shown!

This is where our New Rock’n’Roll Tattoo Club will start a new age of our business and allow us to reward you, our loyal customers, in a more specific manner!

Specific benefits include:
All promotions exclusively for Club members
Rewards to members for recommending new clients
Monthly Free Piercing
Monthly Raffle to win Full day sessions
Priority bookings on Guest Spots
Free Aftercare Products
20% off Merchandise
+ more

A monthly cost of just £9.99 will create an exclusive account with us and gain you access to all these benefits which are not available to other customers.

With the Rock’n’Roll Club our aim is to bring our most loyal customers a number of highly rewarding perks, saving you money in the long run and improving your customer experience.

For just £9.99 we are offering exclusivity to our legendary promotions, priority guest spots bookings, monthly competitions, discounts and events

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