Rock’n’Roll Tattoo Club

Rock'n'Roll Tattoo Club is a project dedicated to our most regular customers.  We know that for many of you visiting our studios that it is not just a one off experience, and the vast majority of our customers soon become regulars. We also understand how our customers miss our regular promotions, so we have combined the best options for all fans of tattoo art and body piercing, and have put them into a monthly subscription package for members of our club.

With a monthly subscription of £19.99 you are receiving a set of incredible deals, with additional access to exclusive priority features in our studios.

How much does this cost?

We charge £19.99 per month to be in our club and we have teamed up with the most secure system possible; GoCardless. Which will handle all the payments.

Why should I get involved in Rock'n'Roll Tattoo Club?

If you want to receive free aftercare, discounts on tattoos, priority text alerts about cancellations and upcoming guest spots, free laser and much much more - this is the club for you.

How do I join Rock'n'Roll Tattoo Club?

Simply fill in the form below and our management will get in touch with you to assist in the rest of the registration process.

Rock'n'Roll Tattoo Club perks are:

= £50 discount on full day sessions with any resident artist - Whenever you want to book another full day session with our resident artists, simply show your membership card and we will deduct £50 from the final price of the tattoo, with any resident artist.

= free tattoo aftercare after getting tattooed - During your visit to our studio, show your membership card and you will recieve a free balm shot - vegan or classic, the choice is yours. = free piercing aftercare after getting pierced After receiving your new piercing in our studio, simply speak with the piercer during your session, show your membership card, and you will receive a free piercing aftercare.

= 10% discount on designs to grab - Have you seen a design to grab on our (or our artists) social media which you fancy getting? - simply let us know, and the piece will have an additional 10% discount applied for you.

= priority text alerts about new guest spot announcements and cancellation opportunities with our artists - Have you missed your favourite guest artist? Or a phone call from our team regarding a cancellation opportunity? This is not a problem any more, club members will receive text alert notifications immediately in both cases.

= free laser treatment for cover-up tattoos booked in our studios - Laser treatment makes nearly every tattoo cover-up possible, so it’s often recommended by our artists while you are consulting a cover-up tattoo. Club members after placing their deposits for tattoo sessions do not have to worry about the costs of laser - it is completely free as the membership covers as many sessions as is necessary to make the cover-up work.

= exclusive monthly promos with a selected resident artist every month - Every month our club members are receiving a special promotion dedicated to bookings with a selected resident artist. In most cases, it is a discount for both full days and half day sessions. So keep an eye on your text messages on the 1st of each month.

= 10% off on deposit vouchers in our online store - Looking to buy some vouchers for your friends and family? - Thank you, we are extremely grateful to every customer who brings new people to our studios by gifting our vouchers. In response to this, all club members will now have a discount code to use towards vouchers in our online store. The code is even valid all year round.

= a free £20 voucher for you for every customer you recommend to get tattooed in our studio - We know that the best advertisement possible is having our great artwork tattooed on your skin. So if your tattoo convinced one of your friends to book in with us - come with them to the consultation and you will receive a £20 voucher for your next tattoo as a thank you.

Which studios is the club available for?

Rock'n'Roll Tattoo Club is currently available for our Glasgow studio, with more studios to be added over time.

What if I forget my card?

Don’t worry about it! Each club member has an individual number which our team can quickly verify to apply the promos for you.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can do it any time, however your future appointments will lose the promotional discounts/perks.

Interested in joining? Simply fill in the registration form below!

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