Have you ever had to wait for or delay your tattoo because you needed time to save for it?

Did you ever miss a chance to get a date with a guest artist because you did not have a chance to save for a deposit?

Did you ever want to book multiple sessions for a sleeve but struggle to get the deposit for each appointment together?

Did you ever miss a cancelation opportunity due to lack of remaining money?

Did you ever have to choose between a holiday or a tattoo by your favourite artist?

We've managed to sort all of these problems!

From now on Rock'n'Roll Tattoos can be affordable for everyone.

We've teamed up with Payl8r who are working with numerous businesses in the UK to offer customers the best financial options.

Financing options from 0% interest are now available at RocknRoll Tattoo with a simple 60 second application, you can now spread the cost of your new tattoo into easy and affordable monthly payments and book with only a 10% deposit - which of course comes off the total cost of your tattoo. Finance is available from £50 up to £2500.

We are allowing current customers to pay their remaining balances this way as well, so if your friends/family have surprised you and bought you a voucher, don't worry! The rest of your balance can be paid monthly as well.

If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with our team over  live chat!

Glasgow and Musselburgh are our first studios offering this service and the rest of our studios will receive this option in the near future.

For more questions - e-mail

When do I have to repay my‏‏‎ ‎tattoo?

It depends completely on you - from 3 to 12 months

What is the interest rate on it?

Our partner company gives you an offer depending on your credit score and length of the contract

Can I book a full sleeve that way?

Yes, we can offer the finance option for big scale projects as well

How long do I wait for the decision?

The application takes about 1 minute and the decision is as quick as 30 seconds

Do you have access to my financial details?

No, Rock’n’Roll tattoo is only informed if your finances are accepted. We do not store any of your information, you create your financial plan with our 3rd party partner directly on your smartphone

How do I get this finance?

It’s only available in the studio, simply pop in to our studio and during booking have a chat with one of our managers

I am already booked, can I pay in finance for the remaining balance?

Yes you can, pop in to our studio to have a chat and we will show you how to apply for our finance.

How long before the tattoo do I need to sort the finance?

We can book you in, of course if we have space, as quick as within 2 days

Feel free to fill out the form and one of our managers will contact you asap

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    To book a session and secure a date in Rock'n'Roll Tattoo, we require you to leave a deposit, this is included in the total price of the tattoo so that on the day of your session you are only paying the remaining balance. A deposit makes us sure that the time spent on creating the design for you is not wasted and the artist is working on the date reserved. Maximum deposit for a session with our resident artists is £300, which would be required for a full day. When would you be happy to leave a deposit for the session?

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