Full day sessions with selected guest artist for £300!

We are giving away a limited number of full day sessions available with our selected Guest Artists (guesting in our Scottish studios) at discounted rate. The artists that are available are:

Malarianos, Bartek K, Marcin G, Gisela, Candy, Monika M, Tobias, Dmiurg, Mateusz K.


You will find all of their work at any of our Scottish fanpages.

The price for a full day session with any of the above artists is just £300. Please keep in mind that there is enough spaces for all of club members, but some of the artist can get fully booked as they are guest artists. The session need to be secured with £150 of deposit. The promotion lasts until we run out of available slots. If you’re interested in taking one of the promo sessions, please email us at – club@rocknroll-tattoos.com.