Palm sized tattoos

The majority of work produced by our resident artists are full day sessions, but we do smaller pieces as well. If you get one of the palm sized vouchers check out the list of artists who you can get booked in with directly. Once you have the voucher feel free to contact any of our studios or our booking department at to select your artist, choose the date and let them know what you want to have drawn for you. Of course all those tattoos are going to be custom - so the design they create will be done on your skin only. The majority of our artists are constantly guest spotting in various studios so don't hesitate to ask about spaces during these guest spots in our studios across the country - your favorite artist might be visiting your hometown sooner than you think.

You can get the palm size vouchers at


  • Andrew - illustrative


  • Shauna - watercolour / traditional / neo traditional / illustrative
  • Lauren - illustrative


  • Cesar - neotraditional / ilustrative / water colour
  • Eszter - watercolour
  • Lukas - watercolour / traditional / neo traditional / illustrative
  • Ellie - illustrative
  • Connor - traditional / neotraditional


  • Lado - traditional / neotraditional


  • Jozefina - watercolour