We are extremely honoured to be able to offer authentic designs with 700 years of history, right here in our studio. Wassim Razzouk was last here on a guest spot at Rock’n’Roll just before Christmas for few weeks, and during his stay in Glasgow he ran free, open to the public seminars. The first visit from Wassim, who is the owner of the oldest tattoo studio in the world (since 1300) and a 27th generation tattoo artist from Jerusalem, was truly something magical.

Due to the incredible demand, Wassim decided to stay for his visit throughout November and December with both of his sons, Anton and Nizar, who are the 28th generation of tattoo artists in their family.

In their tattoos, the Razzouk Family use their collection of 700 year old designs, which are carved onto stamps of olive tree wood. Most of the designs have a religious meaning, but amongst over 100 ancient designs you will find compositions which are based around Jerusalem, family l, and many other meanings. Every one is able to find something for themselves amongst these stamps, and of course if you want to put a spin on the historical design and for example mix 2 of them – Wassim and his sons are always happy to customise them for you.

To learn more about the Razzouk family – check out their website: www.razzouktattoo.com
Feel free to watch a short documentary made about Wassim by BBC: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfkvLaZ-TCo&t

During their last visit, the Razzouk family shared their knowledge and educated our team on their practice, and so with that Rock’n’Roll Tattoo became the first and the only Scottish ambassador for the Razzouk family. A copy of the designs collection is available 7 days a week in our studio – so feel free to visit us and have a chat with our team about the designs. We are extremely happy to host another guest spot for Wassim in March.

If you are interested in booking with Wassim in our studio – simply send us an email to booking@rocknroll-tattoos.com with your contact number