Secret April Promo

This promotion is not going public, and the only reason why you can see it is the fact that you are already our customer. This is not public promo. We want to say thanks to everybody who decided to become a Rock’n’Roll Tattoo and Piercing customer. Your recommendations are the most important to us, we love having new customers every day saying that their friend/family member has had a tattoo from us and that’s the reason they are here.

How to get a free palm size piece? Very simple! Visit our studio with one of your friends or family members. Show the text message that you received from us. If you both book a full day session with resident or guest artist, both of you will automatically receive a free palm size tattoo with select resident artists.

You can do it multiple times, so if you are planning to get a full sleeve book 4 sittings, bring 4 friends and you will get 4 free palm size tattoos. Alternatively, you can exchange your booking to a voucher so you can give it as a gift or save it for yourself. The promo ends on 30th of April, 19:00. And it’s only in the studios, online bookings do not apply.

The resident artists who will perform the free palm size pieces are:

  • Dundee: Michalina, Martyna
  • Edinburgh/Musselburgh: Tomek K, Hope, Kaya
  • Glasgow: Jim, Steph, Cheryl, Gabbie,
  • London:
  • Lado Southampton: Seb, Luke, Jozefina