Tattoo Aftercare

Aftercare advice for your new tattoo

Your new tattoo has involved breaking the surface of your skin and there is a possibility that, if not cared for properly, your tattoo may end up damaged, or worse. By following the advice provided in this leaflet you will reduce the chance of anything going wrong with your tattoo.

How to treat your tattoo

1. KEEP WEARING THE DRESSING (cling film) applied by your tattooist for around 4 hours (this should provide enough time for the tattoo to stop bleeding or weeping).
2. REMOVE the dressing and WASH your tattoo gently with antibacterial soap (We recommend Balm Tattoo Soap and warm water.
3. DRY it gently with a clean tissue – use paper towels or use only one cotton towel specifically for your tattoo.
4. PUT a fresh dressing (cling film) on your tattoo.

Repeat the same procedure for the next 3 days every 4 hours to protect your tattoo from clothes and other factors in the environment and keep it clean.
When you stop wearing cling film for next 2-3 days we recommend applying Balm Tattoo Ointment 3-4 times a day to keep your tattoo moisturized – the ointment also promotes skin regeneration and will maintain the vibrancy of your new tattoo.
After this time period you can reduce the frequency of application of Balm Tattoo Ointment, continue to use until the skin is no longer shiny as this is means your tattoo is now fully healed (around 3-4 weeks).

=== Pick or scratch the tattoo or the scabs which might appear on your skin (it can affect the tattoo’s quality)
=== Soak your tattoo for two weeks and avoid unnecessary water exposure (no swimming pools, baths etc.)
=== Expose to the sun/go on sunbeds for at least one month!