At the moment we are looking for:

Position: Resident Artist, Guest Artist // United Kingdom

If you are looking to join one of our studios on a permanent basis, feel free to send us a direct message at: including links to your social media profiles.

Position: Studio Manager // United Kingdom

We are looking for studio managers for our existing branches in Scotland. The candidates do not need studio experience, but have the will to work hard, be well organized, tattoo-passionate, preferably experienced in management work within the music industry, retail or fashion. For this position message:

Position: Piercer // United Kingdom

We are looking for experienced piercers to join our new and existing branches across all locations. Minimum 3 years studio experience is required, will to work hard, be well organized and tattoo/piercing passionate. For this position message:

Position: PR team member // United Kingdom

We are looking for Tattoo and Piercing enthusiasts living in cities where we are based who are interested in helping to promote our work in exchange for vouchers to use in our studios. For this position message:

Position: Photographer/Videographer // United Kingdom

We are constantly in need of fresh documentation of our work, not only for tattoos but also our events and our 'studio live'. If you are looking for a part time job and you know how to take good photos and/or videos - get in touch with us. For this position message:

Position: Brand ambassador // United Kingdom

If you are playing in a band, you run a blog or simply want to help promote our work and make our places busier - get in touch. For this position message:

Position: Partner // United Kingdom

Art is one of our passions but we understand business. We still remember when we started, and if you are starting your business which somehow is connected to music or tattoo art - feel free to get in touch. We love to co-operate with new ideas, and we can create really busy evenst inside our studio for you. For this position message: