Piercing courses

This Course will be run over 5-10 days of intense theory and practical lectures. During this period, you will be taught and informed of all the aspects of a Body Piercer’s responsibilities within a studio and given opportunity to practice and enhance your skills. You will also have the chance to practice piercing your friends and family. Overall, the course will cover studio hygiene, sterilisation, basic piercings, customer care and much more. The course does not have a maximum age restriction, however, you must be 18 to partake in this course.

Don't forget, everyone that's booked on our piercing course will also receive a copy of The Piercing Bible. This book will provide a written account of what you have learned and allow further exploration of body piercing through continued research and study.

The price of the course is £1000.

Q. Where does the course take place?

A: We offer training in our Glasgow studio under supervision of our resident piercers.

Q: Will this course give me more of a chance to get into the industry?

A: Yes, definitely. By having this course in your portfolio you can prove to the person who you are asking for an apprenticeship that you are motivated and that you've already made a step in getting more knowledge in the field.

Q: Will this course make me a body piercer?

A: The idea of the course is to give you a basic knowledge of the body piercing industry, what you do with it it depends on you - you can take a next step and try to get an apprenticeship.

Q: Will I be doing any piercing during the course? 

A: Yes, we've discussed this matter with local health and safety officers and they have given us permission for this. Of course our piercer is going to supervise you during the entire procedure. You will be able to offer piercings to your friends and family at a largely discounted rate, just covering the materials.

Q: What if I'm not going to pass the exam?

A: In that case you can repeat the course once again, second attempt is free of charge. A third attempt would result in you having to pay for the course again.

Q: What are the dates of training?

A: For exact dates, please enquire at: booking@rocknroll-tattoos.com