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    Placement of the design

    chestcalfthightop of armforearmstomachneckhandpalmbicepsfootknucklesfingers

    Style of work

    black and grey realismcolour realismpotraitjapanessetraditionalneo traditionaldotwork/lineworkscriptcover up/refresh

    Description of the design

    Who is your favourite Rock'n'Roll artist? We know all of our artists creates great quality work - so if you don't have a preferable artist - feel free to just leave blank.

    Show us tattoos or photos you really like. As a custom studio we never copy already done tattoos, however showing references is the best way to show us what are you looking to get.

    How did you hear about us?

    How soon would you like to get your tattoo?

    To book a session and secure a date in Rock'n'Roll Tattoo, we require you to leave a deposit, this is included in the total price of the tattoo so that on the day of your session you are only paying the remaining balance. A deposit makes us sure that the time spent on creating the design for you is not wasted and the artist is working on the date reserved. Maximum deposit for a session with our resident artists is £300, which would be required for a full day. When would you be happy to leave a deposit for the session?

    What form of deposit are you looking to place?

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